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Friday, 23 March 2018
Industrial Automation



Some of the priorities of our company are industrial automation and drive systems. Our engineers have accumulated a wealth of experience in the automation of industrial facilities and in the design of automated drive systems.


We offer services in hoisting and transportation equipment , the automation of pump and ventilation units and theatrical stage automation.


If you have an automation project that does not appear on our list, it may still be possible for us to offer you a solution as we have ample experience in solving a wide array of technological needs. We strongly believe the only way forward is through the development of new, innovative ideas.


Industrial Automation and Electric Drive Services


  • Inspection of the facility followed by a report showcasing the suggested approach for automation

  • Preparation of technical documents for the production and launch of the equipment

  • The programming of industrial and drive controllers, and SCADA/HMI systems

  • Development of complex multi-axis drive systems

  • Development of algorithms for controlling electrical drives

  • Software development for servo systems

  • Development of algorithms for controlling production units

  • Equipment installation, setup and adjustment

  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance