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Friday, 23 March 2018
Industrial automation projects

Industrial automation projects:

Pump Station Control System

During the modernization of the oil processing pump station, our specialists were involved in the development of software for the automation system of the frequency drive for pumping units.
Five pump units that provide varied amounts of pumped oil, pump control blocks and two Etalon frequency converters make up the pump station. Read more >>>

Strain Gauge System

The system is intended for calibrating and reading measurements from specialized tensometric sensors.
The sensors and the strain gauge amplifier are connected in a bridge circuit. The amplified signal is transmitted to a multi-channel Advantech ADC module and read by a computer using a USB connection. Read more >>>

3D Visualization and Control System (3D SCADA)

The system was developed for the TTK Corporation and is intended to provide rapid and efficient control of stage equipment in theaters and other cultural centers.

The program allows for the automation and the display of most stage component operations on an operator's screen, including: read more >>>

Fly System

A fly system that uses four rope winches for the positioning of stage components was developed for the TTK Corporation.
The system set includes an operator's control panel, drives and hoists.

Read more >>>

Crocus City Hall

A software package was developed for the stage mechanization system intended for the automation of Crocus City Hall.
The goal was to develop software that covered drive control, positioning of mechanisms, control of the limit switches and interlocks, as well as visualization and data storage systems. Read more >>>

Кран козловой 160 тонн

160T Gantry Crane

In cooperation with Technoros, we developed and produced a gantry crane for Angara petrochemical company. The crane has a lifting capacity of 160/25/12.5 tons and is intended for lifting reaction columns.

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