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Friday, 23 March 2018
Electronics projects

Electronics development projects:

PXA270 Development Kit

The kit was designed as a tool for development and debugging of application software for processors in the XScale Processor Family.

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Drive controller

Our goal was to create a multi-motor drive controller with the ability to perform user control programs.

The TMS320F2812 digital signal processor made by Texas Instruments was chosen to implement this concept.In addition, the use of the DSP-BIOS real-time kernel allowed for the implementation of fast and effective inter-task communication. Read more >>>

Crane Load Limiter

The crane load limiter was made to order for Technoros to be installed on their bridge, portal or gantry cranes.

The device was custom-made to fit the specifications of Technoros cranes. It is capable of processing all signals from any load cell including the ones that transmit indirect signals about the cargo weight. Read more >>>

ARM9-based Computing Platform

This one-of-a-kind platform incorporates a wide range of multimedia possibilities as well as flexibility in integrating multiple peripherals.
The system was developed as a control module for the embedded control system and consists of three boards: read more >>>

Video Overlay Device

This device is intended for use in digital video recording systems for race cars and airplanes. A Blackfin ADSP-BF548 processor by Analog Devices was chosen as the core for the system. 

How it works: read more >>>

Digital Video Recorder

The core of the device is a Blackfin BF532 signal processor made by Analog Devices. It has four composite video inputs connected to the ADV7183B video decoder.

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