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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Crane load limiter

The crane load limiter was made to order for Technoros to be installed on their bridge, portal or gantry cranes.Load Limiter

The device was custom-made to fit the specifications of Technoros cranes. It is capable of processing all signals from any load cell including the ones that transmit indirect signals about the cargo weight.

A distinctive feature of the crane load limiter is the ability to program the algorithm to calculate the weight of the load and generate a blocking signal. This allows for the load limiter to be compatible with even the most complex crane.

The device can also be expanded by a specialized data logger which saves most technological and performance parameters including video recording, acceleration and vibration control, and voltage parameters.

All collected data can be uploaded to the server for further analysis and processing.



  • Extremely flexible
  • 12 digital inputs
  • 3 digital outputs
  • 3 relays
  • 8 analog inputs (0-10В, 0-20мА)
  • 2 analog outputs
  • Wide supply voltage range (6 -28VDC)
  • Easy to integrate to existing control structure
  • Optional data recorder feature
  • USB, RS422, RS232 interfaced on the board



Плата управления Основной модуль


We developed specialized software for programming and maintenance which user can use for configure the device.

Утилита настройки ОГП