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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Drive controller

Our goal was to create a multi-motor drive controller with the ability to perform user control programs.

The TMS320F2812 digital signal processor made by Texas Instruments was chosen to implement this concept. In addition, the use of the DSP-BIOS real-time kernel allowed for the implementation of fast and effective inter-task communication.

Two power converters can be connected to a single controller. Each converter performs one of the following functions:

  • asynchronous U/f drive (control)
  • asynchronous vector drive (control)
  • asynchronous U/f drive (control) with slip compensation
  • PMSM drive
  • BLDC drive
  • active front-end rectifier/ active rectifier

Software management programs work independently of one another allowing more complex and integrated control systems to be created.

The number of drives can be increased when necessary by combining the controllers into a CAN network accessible through a user program.

The programmable logic controller functions as an IL interpreter.

Development, installation and debugging of the custom software is done using a specialized data package which allows for the development of application software in LAD and IL.


PLC Programming Tool


  • TMS320F2812 DSP microcontroller based
  • Ability to control up to two IGBT inverter from a single controller
  • 64К RAM for user's applications
  • Non-volatile memory for settings and applications
  • Galvanic insulation
  • DSP-BIOS real-time kernel inside
  • U/F, FOC control for ACI motors, PMSM motor control algorithms, AFE control algorithms
  • Embedded PLC with LAD and IL languages support
  • CAN-based network for PLC data