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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Digital Video Recorder

The core of the device is a Blackfin BF532 signal processor made by Analog Devices. It has four composite video inputs connected to the ADV7183B video decoder. When in recording mode, the processor can adjust the ADC to work with one of the four composite video inputs by switching input multiplexers.

Digital data is transferred to SDRAM, then separate frames are compressed into JPEG format and stored on a CompactFlash card. Data on the card is stored in a specialized ring format that allows the memory card to contain the maximum amount of video data possible.

The recorder can be configured to operate from one input or set to progressive scan mode. The maximum recording speed is 15 fps.

When the device is reconfigured for playback, the processor switches the video port to output and then transmits the saved frames to the ADV7171 video decoder. The reconfigured PAL signal can be viewed on a regular TV.

The user can change the quality, definition and frequency of the saved frames from a menu on the TV screen.

A DSM2150 Flash/PLD chip is installed on the software board for loading software.




Digital video recorder

  • SD video to JPEG encoding
  • 4 inputs (PAL standard)
  • Single composite output
  • Circularr file system
  • Compact Flash cards support
  • Graphical user's menu
  • Compact size
  • 12VDC low power operation