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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
160T Gantry Crane

Козловой кран











The crane has two trolleys with a shared rail track. The main trolley has a hoist able to lift up to 160 tons. A 300 kW induction motor is mounted on this trolley. The motor is controlled by two frequency converters which are configured for synchronized operation. The converters are made by Control Techniques. The second trolley is designed for moving additional cargo and has a 25 ton and a 12.5 ton lifting capacity. One frequency converter was installed to control both motors. Switching between the motors is performed with the help of corresponding contactors by selecting the desired mode on the remote control found on the operator's chair. The trolleys are equipped with an anti-collision system. 

The control system is based on the Premium main controller made by Schneider Electric. Information is exchanged with the drives, the operator panel and any peripheral devices through the use of an Ethernet connection. Each drive is further equipped with a local controller by using an expansion card.

The crane is also equipped with a GPRS modem which allows for the implementation of a remote telemetry system.

Electrical schematics of the crane, wiring diagrams, installation guides and all supporting documentation were produced by our company. We also developed a complementary software package which controls drive operation, data exchange between devices, the operator's panel and auto-mode operation. The crane was then successfully installed at the client's facility and put into service.




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