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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Pumps station control system

During the modernization of the oil processing pump station, our specialists were involved in the development of software for the automation system of the frequency drive for pumping units.

Five pump units that provide varied amounts of pumped oil, pump control blocks and two Etalon frequency converters make up the pump station.


The automation system is based on the Modicon M340 PLC and Andvantys STB remote I/O modules.

The system is controlled from the operator’s workstations through a Web interface. There is a primary workstation and several backup workstations.

The communication between the compound modules of the control system is through a fiber-optic cable using the Modbus TCP. The network is built on a ring topology with the possibility of adding redundancy. Moxa equipment was used to build the local network.

Advantech Studio 6.1 SCADA software is used for the operator's workstation. The software functions as the HMI, data backup, the separation of user access, and controls the operation of auxiliary equipment.


Main Screen PID control


Trends Pumps


All control of pump units and auxiliary equipment (pump unit controllers, high-voltage switch cubicles of the frequency converters and power cubicles) is done by the PLC.

The controller is also connected to the oil flow management system in order to receive the current flow rates and the specified parameters.

The controller starts/stops the pump units, connects frequency converters, and regulates flow rates when in auto mode.




  • Fiber optic redundant Ethernet
  • Modicon M340 PLC
  • Distributed solution based on Advantys
  • 24hr 7days operation
  • Advantech Studio 6.1 SCADA
  • Embedded operational data recorder
  • Web services for remote usersей