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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Crocus City Hall

A software package was developed for the stage mechanization system intended for the automation of Crocus City Hall.

The goal was to develop software that covered drive control, positioning of mechanisms, control of the limit switches and interlocks, as well as visualization and data storage systems.

"Industrial Resource LLC" provided hardware solutions, assembly, and installation of the system.

The software was divided into three groups to achieve this goal:

  • PLC software
  • SCADA system
  • Data management software


Crocus SCADA NET Expansion


Project development was in Unity because the Modicon M340 was chosen as the main PLC.

We were able to implement the positioning of all attached lines, signal processing from remote encoders (CANopen network), and unit management control due to the extensive computational capabilities of the controller.

Modbus TCP was used to establish communication between the PLC and the OWS (Operator's WorkStation). 

The system has two OWS that run on WindowsXP and are managed by the Advantech Studio SCADA system. The application was developed so that the SCADA system is responsible for the control of the visualization system, communication with the PLC, data backup, and providing Web access to the control panels. For access to the database of the objects and views, especially for this project, a .NET framework plugin was developed that was added to the Advantech Studio system.

SCADA was expanded in terms of working with the DBMS Microsoft SQL Server as a result. The new component provides ample opportunities for working with data in relation to the specifics of theaters in addition to working with the database. The user can save, load or edit the configurations of the stage equipment.




  • Advantech Studio SCADA based
  • Modicon M340 PLC
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Remote Web clients support
  • .NET as SCADA extension