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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The system was developed for the TTK Corporation and is intended to provide rapid and efficient control of stage equipment in theaters and other cultural centers.

3D Scada1 3D Scada1

The program allows for the automation and the display of most stage component operations on an operator's screen, including: the movement of curtains and blinds, the operation of lighting fixtures and stage battens, turn table rotation, level control of movable floor sections, and operation of other stage equipment.

A unique feature of the system is that the operator is able to see a 3D model of the stage with all controllable mechanisms displayed on the screen. The system displays the current state of the controlled objects in real time.

Stage components can be directly controlled with a touch screen by inputting the necessary motion parameters such as speed or position of selected objects.

Qt 4.7 ( and GLC ( were used for software development which allowed for the creation of an effective cross-platform application with a wide range of possibilities for future expansion.

An easy-to-use GUI for the display of 2D objects was created through the use of QML.

An embedded JavaScript-based Qt library is integrated with the database of 3D objects which allows for the development of complex component elements with software control. In addition, the expansions that were developed allow for an exchange with lower-level controllers closing the control loop.



  • Three-dimensional objects representation
  • Embedded database
  • JavaScript for customizing and behavior control
  • 2D QML widgets
  • Textures
  • Easy to use API for 3D objects control
  • Embedded industrial networks drivers