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Friday, 23 March 2018
Theater Automation

Theater Automation Systems...


Our team works on theater and concert venue automation projects in cooperation with partner companies.

Our company has developed several solutions for the development of control systems for theater drive mechanisms based on the implementation of PLCs, SCADA, CANopen, Industrial Ethernet, EtherCAT, Modbus, and ModbusTCP. We have also developed our own software which allows our specialists to efficiently implement automated solutions.

theater automation

A typical theatrical project undertaken by our company is comprised of the following key elements:

  • One or Multiple Local Control Panels

The control panels are equipped with industrial compact computers with a keyboard and a mouse or a trackball.

We often use capacitive or resistive touch screens for inputting information.

Drive control joysticks are mounted on the control panel. The connection is made directly to the computer or to the remote signal input terminal. Although the second solution is more expensive, it offers higher reliability.

  • System Management Controller

The principal distinction of our systems is the mandatory use of a stand-alone controller for drive operation. Our experience shows that only systems built using these specialized controllers have the necessary work stability. They also have higher reliability.

The controller is connected to the network and controls the drives directly, including startup, shutdown and regulation of position.

  • Multiple Drive Control Segments

A segmented approach allows us to achieve unification in design and to simplify the system's overall logical structure. One segment can have up to ten drives. There is also a possibility of the logical combination of drives within one segment for their joint operation. Such configurations are used for the implementation of complex system positioning.

  • Redundant Control Network

Particular attention is given to device networking. The use of redundant ring networks allows for network stability, while the network performs drive control tasks and transmits control signals.

  • Control System Server

All information about device operation, settings and database views is stored on a dedicated server. This prevents the loss of vital information. In addition, it allows remote secure access to the server in order to collect statistical data and diagnostic results, and also manage system settings.

Remote access allows us to perform maintenance and diagnostics of the equipment directly from our office which significantly reduces troubleshooting time and helps lower maintenance cost.

  • Video Subsystem

Our clients often choose to install additional video subsystems (which require communication links) as well as video processing and storage subsystems. Separate servers can be provided for this as needed.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable. Video streams can be inputted into our system for further processing and display.

  • Wireless Access Points and Portable Control Devices

A wireless access point is installed in order to make configuration and system control more convenient. Portable devices such as an iPad or an iPhone can be used to control the system through the a web page. All connections and access to applications are password-protected for security reasons.


Modern communication devices allow the use of VPNs for effective system management and maintenance. All the systems that we install are equipped with modems for remote monitoring.